Tortoise Shell Wall Mounted Cascade Water Fountain

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Tortoise Shell Wall Mounted Cascade Water Fountain Add a sense of tranquility to your garden with this elegant water fountain. This product will create a relaxing ambience in your garden as the water gently cascades out of the oil jar and down into the cups below, descending in steps and producing a soothing, trickling sound in the process. It features beautifully crafted metalwork that depicts a floral theme within its frame and striking tortoise shell ceramic jars that add a crisp finish. The traditional design suits any outdoor setting and is wonderful for mounting on any garden or house walls, where it will complement your floral arrangements or sculptured garden landscapes. Features Trickling sound of water is relaxing and creates a calming atmosphere Made of ceramic, which is durable and frost resistant Lightweight - allows it to be easily mounted to most walls Metal frame is both decorative and sturdy Suitable for outdoor use Self-contained - does not require an additional reservoir This self-contained water feature is made from metal, which provides the frame with strength and sturdiness while also creating an attractive floral decoration. It features three ceramic jars which are durable and resistant to frost, and gently descend in a step formation until reaching the large base at the bottom, collecting the water so that it can be pumped back up to the top. It is easy to install and comes with a power cord so that all you need to do is connect it to power and add water. Dimensions Height 30.7" (78cm) x Width 10.4" (26.5cm) x Depth 18.9" (48cm) Weight 14 lbs Supplied with a 32' (10m) power cord