Solar Water Pump Kit 409GPH with White LED Lights

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Solar Water Pump Kit - 1550LPH with LED lights and Battery Back Up

Already have a water feature? The solar powered water pump kit can be used to replace the existing pump of an old water feature, or to convert from mains power to solar power. Environmentally friendly, easy to use and best of all, no operating costs!

Stores power for when the sun is not shining.

Most similar water pumps will only function when the sun is directly on the panel, but our high quality solar panel contains rechargeable batteries so that power can be stored, meaning that the pump will continue to work even when there is no sun. Unbeatable quality and value from Primrose.


  • Perfect to use for ponds, landscaping, fountains, and higher water features
  • 2 function modes - solar powered and battery powered
  • Water flow valve to reduce/increase the flow of the pump
  • Lead-Acid battery enables solar energy to be stored and used when the sun is not out
  • Additional 6 white LEDs illuminate the pump at dusk and are compatible with the fountain head
  • 2 x 10W solar panels included
  • Indicate light shows when the pump is charging or has low battery
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Rust-resistant aluminium frame provides enhanced appearance and weathering resistance
  • Battery back up
  • On/off switch

Adding a solar powered pump to your garden pond is the easiest way to add life to water fountains, water courses, and lights in your pond without the need for mains power. Even if there is a power outlet near the pond, solar power is the smart and safe way to go in this age of rising energy prices and global warming. Perfect for water gardeners wanting a green solution.

The solar pump offers reliability and great performance. It is great for circulating water in small ponds, pools, or for creating extravagant fountain displays. Many will find this pump increasingly helpful when used with flexible tubing (not supplied), which is very useful for creating custom waterfalls and water features where water needs to be lifted up to 3 metres high. The pump is perfect if you wish to create a simple fountain in your pond, as the spraying fountain does not require any additional items and can cause water to reach heights of up to 1.8 metres. In addition, this pump has two hours battery back up.

  • Pump: Length: 11cm (4.3") x Width 6cm (2.4") x Height 6cm (2.4")
  • Pump Outlet Diameter: 13mm (½in)
  • Solar panel: Height 36cm (14.2") x Width: 29cm (11.4")
  • Cable between pump and battery housing: 2m (6ft 6¾in)
  • Cable between solar panel and battery: 2m (6ft 6¾in)

Kit Includes:

  • 2 interchangeable fountain heads
  • 5 piece adjustable fountain head
  • 12-18V DC brushless water pump
  • 5m (16' 5") cable from pump to control station
  • Pump control station
  • 2 x solar panels
  • White LED lights on 5m cable
  • 0.5m (1' 8") cable between solar panels
  • 2m (6' 7") cable from solar panels to control station
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Why X?

Why Solar Power?

Solar power has made it even easier to run a water fountain in your garden without the need for an outside power supply. Some of the benefits of a solar powered water feature include:

  • The only requirement is that the solar panel is placed in a sunny area. Many solar water fountains now come with built-in rechargeable batteries that store energy so the fountain will still work when the sun doesn’t come out.

  • These units are much quicker and easier to install than mains powered features. There is no need to call out an electrician, no need to dig or lay cables, just choose a sunny spot and away you go.

  • You will have more versatility in the placement of your fountain than a mains powered option. If you have a specific place you’d like your fountain and it’s not near your house (for mains power) then solar is the best option.

  • Solar energy is better for the environment as it is a sustainable and renewable source of power.

  • Generally, solar-powered water fountains are lower voltage so could be considered safer than mains electricity if you have children playing nearby.
Power Source Solar
Location Outdoor Fountains
Size Large Fountains Over 1m
Type Fountains and Sprays, Pumps
Material Plastic