Do solar-powered water fountains work?

Do solar-powered water fountains work?

With innovations in materials and technology, water fountains have become much more affordable. Solar power has made it even easier to run a water fountain in your garden without the need for an outside power supply. However, can solar power really run any size of the water fountain and what happens when there is no sun? We’ve listed out the benefits and considerations of solar power so you can make the best decision for your garden. 

The benefits of Solar Power

  • The only requirement is that the solar panel is placed in a sunny area. Many solar water fountains now come with built-in rechargeable batteries that store energy so the fountain will still work when the sun doesn’t come out. 
  • These units are much quicker and easier to install than mains powered features. There is no need to call out an electrician, no need to dig or lay cables, just choose a sunny spot and away you go.
  • You will have more versatility in the placement of your fountain than a mains powered option. If you have a specific place you’d like your fountain and it’s not near your house (for mains power) then solar is the best option.
  • Solar energy is better for the environment as it is a sustainable and renewable source of power.
  • Generally, solar-powered water fountains are lower voltage so could be considered safer than mains electricity if you have children playing nearby.
  • Solar power is free and won’t add to your energy bill.


  1. Solar-powered fountains or cascades will only run if it’s sunny or the battery has enough charge so, in the darkest days of Winter, there may not be much movement from your fountain.
  2. The greater the pump requirements, the more power will be needed in order for it to run. Therefore most solar options are for water features at the smaller end of the size scale, where they work much more effectively.