Orion Bubble Water Wall (6ft) with Color Changing Lights

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Orion Bubble Water Wall (6ft) with Color Changing Lights Specifications Height 6ft (1.83m) x Width 1ft 8in (51cm) x Depth 10.2in (26cm) Supplied with 6.5W pump Features Hollow cylinders through the wall create fascinating bubble patterns Stainless steel base - does not rust Color changing lights create a relaxing mood Acrylic window - strong and sturdy Pump included - perfect speed for optimum water flow Fully self-contained - to be used indoors with no splash This beautiful water wall has many different colors of lighting to create many different effects for all your moods. From relaxing blues to vibrant reds and purples, this water wall is bound to bring excitement and brightness to your home. There's nothing better than a bubble wall. Creative Bubble Patterns The most exciting part of a bubble wall is - of course - the bubbles! This wall has 10 cylinders passing through the acrylic panels, creating a beautiful swirl of water and color, in ways other bubble walls just can't manage. Enjoy the fantastic bubbles that your wall creates, and let the curves of water relax and soothe your tired mind. Stainless Steel Base Stainless steel does not rust, which makes it an excellent choice for water fountains. As it will constantly be in contact with the water, it is important that the shiny surface remains looking beautiful, no matter how long you keep the bubble wall on. Acrylic Structure The acrylic containment for the bubble wall is strong, sturdy and practically unbreakable. Unlike glass, there is not the worry of the container smashing, throwing water all over your floor. Acrylic is secure and safe when used in water fountains, as the temperature of the water does not affect the acrylic as it would with glass. Self-contained This fountain comes with everything needed to get it started. With its own cable, self-contained basin, and a low voltage pump, this fountain is complete, with no effort or fuss for you. The mains power on this water feature has a 60in cable, which means that it can be easily placed anywhere you need. The built-in reservoir means it can easily be used indoors; simply put the wall panel and base together, place it wherever you please, and begin enjoying your purchase. Color Changing Lights This beautiful bubble wall comes with a remote to change the color of the lights inside the bubble wall. With an option of fifteen different colors, along with lighting effects, you can set your bubble wall to suit any mood or situation. Fascinating colors and effects will make this bubble wall a perfect highlight for your home.