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For a quick and stylish way to keep cool in your garden, shade sails are perfect. Many of ours are waterproof to shelter you from rain as well as the sun.

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Protects you from the summer sun all day long.

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Easy installation

To help you with your new garden shade installation we've put together a handy guide.

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What is a Shade Sail?

Shade sails are fabric structures like a ship’s sail, hung from anchor points to create an area of shade outdoors. They offer unparalleled flexibility when it comes to creating a stylish custom shade solution for the garden. Available in many shapes and sizes, these semi-permanent structures can be mounted in almost any position, at any angle and against most surfaces to provide soothing shade for even the most difficult to reach areas.


Sun Protection

With scientific research highlighting the dangers of prolonged sun exposure, a safe shaded area in the garden is a fantastic idea for protecting friends and family from harmful UV rays. A garden sail offers invaluable sun protection - with minimum 90% UV ray protection on all Kookaburra models - whilst making a stylish and colourful addition to the garden.


Quick and Easy Installation

Permanent garden shade structures like canopies, gazebos and awnings are fantastic for their sturdy, durable framework but sometimes a lightweight alternative is just what's needed. Shade sails are so effective because a single sheet of UV resistant fabric can be tensioned in such a wide variety of ways.

Installing a shade sail is just a matter of creating the necessary tension in each corner and fixing to a sturdy surface. Aside from that you are free to experiment with the way in which you angle the material and even the surface to which you attach. Our customers have used wooden, metal and concrete posts, conservatory walls and even trees as mounting points, highlighting the versatility of the shade sail.


Use in Schools

The growing popularity of garden sails can be evidenced by the number of schools now employing them in playgrounds across the country. The sails can be set up to cover otherwise exposed areas and provide a safe environment for children to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of sunburn.


Why Kookaburra?

Shade sails have long been popular in the southern hemisphere for their sun protection benefits. However, most sails are typically made with a loose weave fabric which allows heat to escape from under the garden sail and maintains a cool temperature when sat in the shade. This is critically important in Australia or South Africa where temperatures are regularly very high and a place to cool off is a necessary requirement. But in the UK we tend to have more temperamental weather - a little colder and a lot wetter - which inspired Kookaburra to create a different type of shade sail.

Kookaburra waterproof shade sails are made with a tighter weave which causes rainwater to simply run off the fabric. In Australia this would make it devilishly hot when sat under the sail with the sun beating down from above. But since we rarely get the same kind of temperatures the Australians are used to, there is little issue with keeping all that heat in; we like to think of it as an added bonus. And when you pair that with the knowledge the fabric will keep you nice and dry if an unexpected downpour breaks out, you've got the best of both worlds.

Alternatively, if you'd rather go with the more traditional style, Kookaburra offers a breathable range available in standard and party styles. These two styles both make use of a knitting process which leaves tiny holes in the fabric of the sail shade. Neither style is waterproof but both allow heat to escape from beneath the sail keeping your shaded area cool at all times.

Kookaburra shade sails are available in many colours and different shapes and sizes. They're rot proof and easy to clean. Each comes with sturdy grade 304 stainless steel D rings in each corner for lasting quality and durability. On top of that all Kookaburra sails are covered by a minimum 2 year warranty as standard with some styles covered for as much as 10 years.