Dual Fuel Battery Heated Indoor Slipper Boots With Free Toe Warmers - by Warmawear

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Free toe warmers with your purchase! Who wouldn't want a pair of warm, fluffy slippers to keep their feet warm? You'll find it hard to remember what you did before these slippers came into your life. They have a concealed zipped storage compartment just below the lining for the heating element, as well as a separate storage section for a battery and the on/off switch. The design incorporates a wide ankle , and an indoor-friendly grippy sole . Features Dual Fuel Technology - combine batteries with heat packs to maximise temperature and battery life (Learn more) Made from comfortable fluffy polyester - keeps you warm and cosy while indoors Hidden compartment for battery - no visible battery on the outside Discreet zipped pocket - ideal for disposable heat pads or toe warmers Indoor-friendly grippy sole - reduces risk of slipping on smooth floors Specifications Single size - US: 8-12, EU: 38-46 Heat reaches temperature of up to 45°C Machine washable (40°C gentle programme) Requires 1x 9v battery per slipper (Not included) Add here Indoor-friendly Grippy Sole Reduce the risk of falling over on smooth floors at the same time as maintaining comfort. This slipper has small plastic bumps on the sole, which help you keep grip while walking. Discreet Battery Pocket Ideal to keep your battery out of the way and invisible, this discreet battery pocket can also home the on/off switch, meaning no uncomfortable loose cables against your skin or under your foot. Easy On/Off Switch This simple on/off switch makes operation really simple. Simply slide the mode selector to the on position and away you go! No need to feel for complicated buttons or heat settings. Dual Fuel The Dual Fuel system is an innovation from Warmawear that combines the power of disposable heat packs with our battery powered heating system for groundbreaking versatility . Extend the battery life of your slippers , simply utilise the portable heat packs and their 50°C heat to save battery power for later Never get caught short with these sleek heat packs, use them as a brilliant non-electronic back up Maximise the heat you receive by combining the heating system with the disposable heat packs Use adhesive toe warmers on the inside of your slippers for instant heat Our slim heat packs will stay warm for up to 6 hours and will help to deliver high levels of valuable heat when sealed into the utility pocket . Which batteries should I buy? Go Back Up
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Features Dual Fuel Heated Clothing
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