Bubble Water Wall (4ft) with Color Changing Lights

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Bubble Water Wall (4ft) with Color Changing Lights Turn your room into a kaleidoscope of sights with our bubble walls. This striking modern water feature with black metal powder coated frame will look great in any modern setting. Bubbles lit by LED lights continuously rise from the base of the feature up through the water contained in the acrylic walls creating a mesmerising effect that illuminates the dark. The LED lights in this feature can change to a wide range of colors and a remote control enables you to change the look of the water feature whenever you like. These Bubble Walls can also be used to provide privacy by creating partitions. Features: Fully self contained (requires no reservoir) Suitable for indoor use Remote control - programmable color changing LED lights Pebbles included Dimensions: Height 48.4 inches (123cm) Width 15.7 inches (40cm) Depth 8.6 inches (22cm) It is possible to combine 2 or 3 bubble walls together to create an impressive wide wall. See the images below.