Touch Finger Thermal Gloves With Heat Pack Pocket and Free Heat Packs - Small - by Warmawear

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Free heat packs with your purchase! These thermal gloves are a fantastic addition to the already strong Warmawear range , made from water resistant, tactile fabric that is excellent for keeping you toasty even without the handy heating elements - and they're comfy too! The versatile black design will go with a variety of your winter outfits, and the adjustable wrist strap helps stop heat from escaping . They also feature elasticated hinge joints for increased comfort and dexterity . These thermal gloves also allow you to slip a heat pack in to the zip pocket to keep your hands even warmer. Features Unique Warmawear Tecsense fingertips allow you to complete basic functions on your touchscreen device without removing your gloves, keeping your hands toasty at all times Pockets for heat packs - keep your hands even warmer by slipping a disposable heat pack in to the zip pocket to increase the warmth ThinsulateTM lining - keeps the warmth in and the moisture out Adjustable wrist strap allows for a more exact fit, and helps prevent heat from escaping Comfortable inner fleece material Size guide Check out our handy size guide for more! Specifications Unisex design is ideal for both men and women Water resistant and dry cleanable fabric With these sleek, well-fitting gloves from Warmawear, you'll wonder how you managed without them. These gloves retain heat excellently, and are capable of supporting disposable heat packs which can greatly increase the temperature within the glove. They are lightweight and stylish, and feature Warmawear's inspired Tecsense fingertips , which allow you to complete basic functions on your touchscreen device without taking the gloves off. Make the most of the brilliant utility pouch by carrying a disposable heat pack , perfect for maximum heat on especially chilly days. Click here to see our disposable heat packs. Tecsense for Touchscreen Devices Having to pull your gloves off, because you have lost the dexterity and accuracy you normally have with bare hands, can be extremely annoying. The fingertips have a woven conductive material stitched onto them, which allow you to complete basic functions on your touchscreen device without ever having to remove your gloves. Pocket for heat packs These gloves also feature a small, zipped utility storage pocket on the back, perfect for our Dual Fuel heating system, bank cards or a ski pass - even change! The zip pocket on the side of the glove can be used to store a heat pack for added warmth . You could also use the pocket to store a credit credit, a ski pass or other small items you need to keep handy at all times. Heat packs Combine the natural warmth of your thermal gloves with a the addition of a disposable heat pack . These packs mean you'll never get caught short on especially chilly days, adding a boost of heat across the glove. Our slim heat packs will stay warm for up to 6 hours and will help to deliver high levels of valuable heat when sealed in the utility pocket .