Solar 4 Tier Cascading Bicycle Water Fountain with Planter Basket

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  • Solar power - sustainable energy, no need for an electrical cable, will not add to your energy bill
  • 4 ceramic bowls - delight in the sound and sight of cascading water streams
  • Planter basket - space for a plant of your choice
  • Zinc coated steel bicycle frame - ideal for supporting climbing and creeping plants
  • Charming rustic design - country village aesthetic
  • Suitable for outdoor use

Solar Power

Simply position the solar panel in sunlight, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful simplicity of running water. There is no need to run an electrical cable outside and you can relax in the knowledge that you are using a sustainable energy source. If all that isn't enough, just remember that solar power won't impact your energy bill in any way.

Bicycle Frame - Support Climbing Plants

This decorative water feature is bound to attract the attention of neighbours and friends alike. Climbing plants, such as clematis or honeysuckles, will thrive if grown over and around the frame. Water flows freely from the four pots, running down in a gentle cascade to the larger bowl at the bottom.

Patterned Ceramic Pots

Each ceramic pot is carefully decorated and crafted to ensure great quality detail and a beautiful finish. Each pot neatly follows on from the last, creating a waterfall effect along the frame of the bicycle, and providing anyone nearby with a delightful trickling sound.

Planter Basket - Grow a Plant of Your Choice

Find space to plant a little perennial or a cluster of flowers to sit in the basket space at the front of the bike. Your choice of plant could enhance the look of your bicycle water feature, so choose wisely. A basket of flowers will look picturesque, whilst flowing greenery will add a chic, aged touch.

  • Height: 57cm (1ft 10½in)
  • Width: 67cm (2ft 2⅓in)
  • Depth: 27.2cm (10¾in)
  • Cable Length: 3m (9ft 11in)
  • Pump Outlet Size: 8mm (0.3 in)
  • Pump Power: 200 LPH
  • Brands: Ambienté
  • Power Supply: Solar powered
  • Pump Wattage: 2 W
  • Solar Panel Included?: Yes
  • Pump Included?: Yes
  • Integrated Planter?: Yes
More Information
Why X?

Why Solar Power?

Solar power has made it even easier to run a water fountain in your garden without the need for an outside power supply. Some of the benefits of a solar powered water feature include:


  • The only requirement is that the solar panel is placed in a sunny area. Many solar water fountains now come with built-in rechargeable batteries that store energy so the fountain will still work when the sun doesn’t come out.

  • These units are much quicker and easier to install than mains powered features. There is no need to call out an electrician, no need to dig or lay cables, just choose a sunny spot and away you go.

  • You will have more versatility in the placement of your fountain than a mains powered option. If you have a specific place you’d like your fountain and it’s not near your house (for mains power) then solar is the best option.

  • Solar energy is better for the environment as it is a sustainable and renewable source of power.

  • Generally, solar-powered water fountains are lower voltage so could be considered safer than mains electricity if you have children playing nearby.
Power Source Solar
Location Outdoor Fountains
Size Medium Fountains 50cm - 1m
Style Cascading Water Features
Type Cascading, Jugs, Vases & Tubs, Fountain Planters,
Material Ceramic
Shape Bowl, Tiered
Special Offers Free Fountain Safe