Choose the right awning

Choose the Right Awning

Awnings are a great shade solution for your outdoor space. They are perfect for providing a shaded area so you can still enjoy your garden on the hottest of days. There are many sizes and shapes of awnings available so it can be difficult to choose the ideal fit for your space.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you decide.

How do awnings work?

Awnings consist of a metal framework that’s covered with hard-wearing fabric. The framework is normally mounted directly to the brickwork of your house. They can be opened and retracted either manually, with a hand crank or with an automatic electronic system. They provide instant shade or can be conveniently rolled up when you don’t need them, and they’re not a permanent structure on your patio.

Awnings can be installed easily on most patios. The brackets are mounted to the frame that supports the weight of the awning. The structure is solid and will last a long time. There will be a space between the patio and the eaves and gutters, while an allowance is made for clearance from any light fittings and electric points.

How long will my awning last?

Awnings are a big investment, so you need to know that the fabric, the frame and the electronic components are able to withstand the variable weather all year round. The fabric mustn’t fade and the frames mustn’t rust.

Synthetic yarns are a good choice as they’re strong and won’t tear. If you live in a location that has really bad weather conditions like heavy rains and winds you might want to invest in an awning that incorporates a topcoat or laminate, as these are really strong. However, most of the fabrics on the market are hard-wearing, long-lasting and fade-resistant. The frames are constructed from stainless steel and powder-coated aluminium, so they are hard-wearing and will remain free from rust.

How do I work out what size awning I need?

Work out the height from the ground

The recommended height from the ground is at least 8ft 2". If you want to install lower than this, determine whether there is sufficient headroom when the awning is fully extended and that any doors can open.

Determine the width required

Measure the width of the space you’d like to shade, you can then choose your awning based on the width of the space you have available.

Measure space for fixing bracket

The vertical size of the fixing bracket is about 7 inches (approx 20cm). If space is tight you may wish to check that you have 7 clear inches before ordering. Our standard awnings can also be fitted to eaves or a horizontal surface using a double use bracket.

Consider spce when fully open

The awning can be opened as little or as much as you like, up to the maximum projection as follows:

  • Width 4ft 11" (1.5m), Projection 3ft 4" (1.0m)
  • Width 6ft 7" (2.0m), Projection 4ft 11" (1.5m)
  • Width 8ft 2" (2.5m), Projection 6ft 7" (2.0m)
  • Width 9ft 10" (3.0m), Projection 8ft 2" (2.5m)
  • Width 11ft 6" (3.5m), Projection 8ft 2" (2.5m)
  • Width 13ft 1" (4.0m), Projection 9ft 10" (3.0m)
  • Width 14ft 7" (4.5m), Projection 9ft 10" (3.0m)
  • Width 16ft 4" (5.0m), Projection 9ft 10" (3.0m)

Who can install my awning?

All our awnings are for DIY installation so fitting your awning couldn't be simpler. We supply full detailed sizing info and fitting instructions.

A competent DIY-er can fit one of our awnings within two hours. It's a one-person job to put up the brackets, although you'll usually need help lifting the awning into place. We supply brackets and bolts for fitting the awnings to standard brick and masonry walls.

How do I clean my awning?

You can clean the frame by wiping it with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent. Clean the cover with warm soapy water using a sponge. Awning covers are not suitable for machine washing.

Can I keep my awning out all year round?

Awnings must not be left open during windy conditions or heavy rain. The awning cover is waterproof and can be left open during light rainy conditions. You can leave the awning fixed to the wall all year round. If you have a standard or half cassette awning, for added protection you may wish to purchase one of our storage covers.

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