Nebula Tabletop Rectangular Bubble Wall with Color Changing Lights

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Nebula Tabletop Rectangular Bubble Wall with Color Changing Lights Specifications Height 10½" (27cm) x Width 8" (20cm) x Depth 4¼" (11cm) Features 6 different color changing LED lights - red, blue, fuchsia, green, yellow Self-contained water supply - fill it up once and your bubbles are ready to flow, eco-friendly and hassle free Mains powered - on your desk, in your living room; put anywhere with a socket Remote color control - a click of the remote and the color changes Compact size - could fit snugly on your desk, or perhaps a side table There is something soothing about bubbles. We loved them as children, happily chasing them around gardens for hours on end; we love them as adults, sitting in a jacuzzi, on a relaxing vacation, sipping a refreshing beverage whilst you soak. Bring the bubbles into your everyday life with this modern and innovative tabletop water feature. Compact Size Bring the bubbles to you! The Tabletop Bubble Wall's size means it's portable and compact enough to fit on a desk or a side table. You can put your bubble wall where you want it!   Bubbles In The Dark The bubble wall looks stunning in the dark! Create different ambiences, from a Caribbean tropical sunset to a relaxing deep sea feel. Turn the lights off and see where your bubble wall takes you.   Different Color Options Set a different color for a different mood. The bubble wall can change to multiple different colors, including: fuchsia, red, blue, green or yellow! Whether you want a warm summery yellow, or a cool arctic blue, the Nebula tabletop has an array of color. Remote Control Change the color of your bubble wall with our useful remote. With just one click of a button, the LED lights change color and help to create a different ambience quickly and easily.   Stainless Steel Lid And Base Helps to prolong the clean, smart look of your bubble wall. The bubble wall has been made using grade 304 brushed stainless steel, which is a strong and sturdy material; perfect for this bubble wall. Brushed steel doesn't just give the material a stylish finish, it also helps prevent glare too. Self Contained Water Supply This eco-friendly water fountain has a self-contained water system, which means that there is no need for constant refills. It is efficient and easy to set up.