Mini Fairy on Clamshell Solar Water Fountain with LED Lights

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This charming water feature will create a lovely centrepiece and add to the beauty of your garden, balcony or patio. It comes with impressive LED lights that beautifully illuminate the feature and create an eye-catching focal point after dusk.


  • Memory system - daily automatic activation
  • Made of UV and frost resistant stone effect resin for extended durability
  • Fully self-contained - no additional reservoir is required
  • Comes with integrated low voltage LED lights and Li-ion battery backup
  • Supplied with solar panel and pump

Crafted from high quality polyresin, this lovely fairy on a clam shell water feature is lightweight, durable and long-lasting. Its integrated low voltage LED lights beautifully illuminate the feature at night, creating a lovely display. Combining classic looks and modern manufacturing techniques, polyresin is both frost and UV resistant, helping this feature to withstand the elements. Enjoy the sound of water gently trickling out of this water feature, bringing a sense of peacefulness to your surroundings. It is entirely self-contained, meaning you can place it wherever you need to without the cumbersome constraints of mains wiring. Everything you need is included; the pump, solar panel, and internal reservoir.

The solar panel has a very clever memory system built in. You can set the feature to come on at the same time each day for 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours by pressing the button on the back of the unit (as per the included instructions). It will then come on at that time each day, and if it gets dark during an activation period, the lights will automatically illuminate, offering you an enchanting display.

It is equipped with Li-ion back up battery that will store power for continuous use even if the sun is not shining directly on the panel, which is great for nightime use.

  • Pump Outlet Size: 11 mm( 0.4 in )
  • Pump Power: 180 LPH
  • Brands: Solaray
  • Battery Back-Up?: Yes
  • Lights Included?: Yes
  • Lights Type: LED
  • Solar Panel Included?: Yes
  • Pump Included?: Yes
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Height: 30 cm( 11.8 in )
  • Width: 25 cm( 9.8 in )
  • Depth: 25 cm( 9.8 in )
  • Easy installation - connect the pump to the solar panel, place in direct sunlight and fill with water.
More Information
Why X?

Why Solar Power?

Solar power has made it even easier to run a water fountain in your garden without the need for an outside power supply. Some of the benefits of a solar powered water feature include:

  • The only requirement is that the solar panel is placed in a sunny area. Many solar water fountains now come with built-in rechargeable batteries that store energy so the fountain will still work when the sun doesn’t come out.

  • These units are much quicker and easier to install than mains powered features. There is no need to call out an electrician, no need to dig or lay cables, just choose a sunny spot and away you go.

  • You will have more versatility in the placement of your fountain than a mains powered option. If you have a specific place you’d like your fountain and it’s not near your house (for mains power) then solar is the best option.

  • Solar energy is better for the environment as it is a sustainable and renewable source of power.

  • Generally, solar-powered water fountains are lower voltage so could be considered safer than mains electricity if you have children playing nearby.

Power Source Solar
Location Outdoor Fountains
Size Small Fountains under 50cm
Type Figurines
Material Resin
Shape Bowl