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Free heat packs with your purchase! Featuring the very latest, market-leading Burst Power and Dual Fuel technologies. These groundbreaking features help keep you even warmer whilst preserving battery life . After the first five minute warm-up time, the power switches itself on and off in 5 second bursts . This maintains the temperature without continuously draining the batteries, dramatically improving battery life. These Dual Fuel Burst Power gloves are a fantastic addition to the already strong Warmawear range . Enjoy snow sports, hikes, outdoor work and more with these tough heated ski gloves , and never let the cold stop you from enjoying winter activities again. Features Burst power technology – maintains heat and preserves battery life by switching itself on and off in 5 second intervals (Learn more) Dual Fuel Technology - combine batteries with heat packs to maximise temperature and battery life (Learn more) Click here to see our disposable heat packs Carbon fibre infrared heating element runs along back of hand all the way to your fingertips, gently warming your hands for up to 4 hours Unique market-leading Easy Switch technology on the back of the hand – no need to remove the glove to switch them on or off Warmawear Tecsense finger spots allow you to use your touchscreen device without removing your gloves, keeping your hands toasty at all times Ultra III Tec waterproof and windproof fabric protects your hands from the elements Size guide Check out our handy size guide for more! Specifications Requires 3x AA batteries per glove (6 batteries in total - not included) Add here Unisex design is ideal for both men and women Rechargeable batteries These thick gloves will prove wonderful during snow sports and everyday activities alike, for an extra boost of warmth in frosty temperatures. Burst Power System The very latest in heated glove technology , the groundbreaking Burst Power feature revolutionises the heating process of these gloves. Keep an eye on battery use on the go with a quick glance. The convenient on/off switch allows you to see the Burst Power in action, as it flashes on while heating. The Burst Power starts automatically after the first 5 minutes of use, switching itself on and off in 5 second intervals. This maintains the temperature without continuously draining the battery, dramatically improving battery life . Tecsense Finger Spots The Tecsense feature consists of discreet finger spots which allow you to operate your phone or touchscreen device without removing your gloves, and is one of many clever conveniences built into these gloves. The gloves also include elasticated hinge joints and soft, tactile fabric on the fingers and palm, both of which allow greater flexibility and dexterity. The fabric on the thumb is micro-absorbent as well as scratch and smear resistant - the Thumb Wipe is perfect for wiping moisture from ski goggles or glasses. Carbon Fibre Heating Element These heated ski gloves use a carbon fibre infrared heating element that heats the back of your hand all the way to the fingertips, helping to protect the parts of your hand most vulnerable to the cold. This heating element will gently warm your hands for up to three and a half hours . This time can be dramatically increased by turning the glove on for short bursts, which is easy thanks to our Easy Switch technology. Heating elements are invaluable for people who suffer from the cold, such as those who suffer from Raynauds Disease and the symptoms of mild arthritis by improving blood flow. The temperature of your hands and feet dramatically affects the ambient body temperature, so keep your extremities warm. Raynaud's Disease or Raynaud's Phenomenon Dr Rob Hicks First described by Maurice Raynaud in 1862, Raynaud's is thought to affect as many as 10 million people in the UK. Extreme cases involve suffering severe pain in the extremities when exposed to temperature change. Heat Retaining Cuff The elasticated drawstring in the cuff and an adjustable velcro wrist strap can be tightened to prevent heat from escaping and to keep out snow and cold air. The gloves are made from Ultra Tec III waterproof and windproof fabric, helping to shield your hands from harsh weather conditions. These features are all designed to provide extra insulation and keep the heat inside the glove; and thanks to our Easy Switch technology and Tecsense finger spots, there is no need to take them off until you are safely indoors. Dual Fuel The Dual Fuel system is an innovation from Warmawear that combines the power of disposable heat packs with our battery powered heating system for groundbreaking versatility . Extend the battery life of your gloves , simply utilise the portable heat packs and their 50°C heat to save battery power for later Never get caught short with these sleek heat packs, use them as a brilliant non-electronic back up Maximise the heat you receive by combining the heating system with the disposable heat packs Our slim heat packs will stay warm for up to 6 hours and will help to deliver high levels of valuable heat when sealed into the utility pocket . Now available - our Dual Fuel starter packs ! Choose between two or three sets of Dual Fuel. Includes Panasonic Pro AA batteries and Warmawear Disposable Heat Packs , just what you need to get you going. Which batteries should I buy? Go Back Up
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