Cherika Cascading Oil Jars Water Fountain

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Cherika Cascading Oil Jars Water Fountain This authentic-looking water fountain with a classic sandstone and rustic-effect will make a great addition to your home or garden. Featuring five earthen-effect pots perched atop each other, this feature will add a sense of charm and peacefulness to your surroundings as you watch the water gently trickle from jar to jar before collecting at its base. Features Made from high quality polyresin- hard-wearing and will ensure product durability Fully self-contained - requires no additional basin Easy to install and maintain - no real hassle involved Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Crafted from high quality polyresin, this lovely rustic-looking cascading oil jar water fountain is lightweight, durable and long-lasting. Combining classic looks and modern manufacturing techniques, polyresin is both frost and UV resistant, helping this water feature to withstand the elements. The water circulates from a reservoir hidden inside the feature and is pumped out of the top oil jar, it then cascades down into the four oil jars below, before finally collecting into the large urn below, ready to be pumped back up to start the cycle all over again. This feature is entirely self-contained, including the pump and internal reservoir. Enjoy relaxing to the sound of water gently trickling through this feature, adding a real sense of tranquillity to any setting in which it is placed. Dimensions Height: 30.3" (77cm) x Width: 18.3" (46.5cm) x Depth: 15.2" (38.5cm) 32'(10m) cable supplied
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