4ft Advanced Three Brushed Tubes Water Fountain With Lights

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4ft Advanced Three Brushed Tubes Water Fountain With Lights What's so advanced about these tubes? - Extra LED lights: Ultra bright LED lights are now installed on the top of each tube (with 4 white LED lights on each tube) as well as color changing lights on the base. You can switch the lights on the tubes only, base only or even have both of them on at the same time, you have complete control. - Practical easy flow adjuster: You can now easily control the water flow on each tube with the in-built flow adjuster located on the top of the basin lid. (Unlike the other tubes, you don't have to remove the whole lid and fountain to get into the flow adjuster). - Switch control: A new added function on the tubes to control the 'Ultra bright' color changing lights on the base. You now have full control which allows you to change colors (LED lights on the base) to suit your mood at a touch of a button. Comes with 7 color combinations on static mode (red, green, blue, red/green, blue/green, red/blue, red/green/blue) Also comes with an amazing color changing rainbow mode with slow and fast fade. But I don't want to dig a hole in the ground. This water fountain comes complete with a basin designed to go into the ground. If you don't want to dig a hole and you would like to place this water fountain indoors then use this clever idea: place the water feature into a plant pot which acts as a basin. This will create a stunning effect in any home, garden or office. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions: Tallest tube 3ft 2" (100cm) Middle tube 2ft 4" (75cm) Smallest tube 1ft 7" (50cm) All tubes are 3" (7.5cm) diameter Height without basin: 40" (102cm) Width without basin: 11" (28cm) Height with basin: 48" (120cm) Width with basin: 22" (56cm) Pump cable length: 32ft (10m) Pump type: 30W Basin dimensions: Diameter: 1ft 9in (55cm) Height: 7in (18cm) Comes complete with pump, circular underground plastic basin and 32ft of cable. The basin is made using recycled plastic for maximum stability and support.