4' 3" (130cm) Double Sided Vertical Water Wall with Plastic Basin

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4' 3" (130cm) Double-Sided Vertical Water Wall with Plastic Basin Features Contemporary design – adds style and character to your garden Made from high quality polished stainless steel – extremely resistant to corrosion Ideal for outdoor use – enjoy your feature in a range of settings Large 52 gallon capacity basin – reduces the need for refilling Access panel included with basin – offers easy access to pump Dimensions Water Wall: Height 4ft 3" (130cm) x Width 1ft 7" (50cm) Basin: Bucket - Width: 3ft 1" (93.5cm) x Depth: 2ft (61cm) x Height: 1ft 2" (36cm) Lid - Width: 3ft 1" (93.5cm) x Depth: 2ft (62cm) x Height: 1.2" (3cm) What's in the box? 4ft 3" (130cm) vertical wall 1 x 52 gallon cascade basin 1 x water feature pump 1056gph 1 x 1" (25mm) flow adjuster 1 x 39" (1m) ribbed water feature hose/tubing Diameter 1" (25mm) 1 x hose clamp 4 x 4.3" (11cm) threads for grid attachments 8 x square plate washers 16 x bolts for thread of grid attachment This stunning contemporary water wall will make a striking focal point in any garden or outdoor area, delighting adults and children alike. Watch how the water gently cascades down both sides of the wall, catching the light and creating a mesmerizing effect. It comes complete with a basin and pump along with all the accessories required for installation. The back and front of the wall are made from high quality, thick polished stainless steel. The stainless steel is extremely resistant to corrosion, making it a perfect material for water features. The maximum flow capacity for the supplied pump is 1056 gallons per hour, which will ensure a water flow that gently trickles through the water wall and by its sides. The piping is hidden inside the feature but emerges from the base and connects to the pump.   The basin can be hidden inside the ground, leaving only the delightful water feature to be seen in your garden. The basin has a capacity of 52 gallons and comes complete with a handy access panel, which allows you to get at the pump easily when necessary. Pebbles or slate can be placed on the cover of the grid when everything has been fixed into place, offering an attractive contrast between the sleek modern features of the wall and the natural world. It also serves the dual purpose of concealing the feet and the pump. In today's air conditioned environments, this feature helps to reach the medically recommended air humidity of 45-55%.
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